Which Is The Better Option – Cable Or Satellite?

Man installing a satelite aerial to house

You could argue that smartphones and such devices have taken over from traditional television, but this isn’t necessarily the case. For many homes, the TV is still the focal point, a place where the family socialise and relax.

With such a variety of channels available, you are unlikely to see a TV that has just the five terrestrial channels. Most will have either a cable or satellite package. So, which is the best option, cable, or satellite?

Freeview VS Freesat is really the choice. Then you need to see if you need to record. There are hundreds of freeview choices, some are built into your TV, but only a handful of recorders for Freesat.

The difference between cable and satellite are not vast, but they are worth considering before choosing your package. Here we look at the key features and how they differ between cable and satellite.

Channel Choice

The selection of channels available will vary with providers. Sky currently provide the most extensive range of satellite channel options. One of the top cable providers has 240 channels, so the cable is not lacking in choice. However, you will find that there are a few exclusive channels that cable does not have.


A satellite TV package can be expensive, so you are best to shop around for deals. If you choose a bundle with added extras such as sports or films, it can bump up the price. However, you can usually add or remove these bundles at will, and you can pay for satellite monthly. Cable deals tend to ask for a 12-month contract and payment upfront, making it a larger initial outlay.


Satellite dishes are not always essential, but they are often required. If you live in a rental or a block of flats, this can sometimes cause issues. Cable runs from wires so you will not be able to notice that a property has cable by looking.

High Definition

Cable and satellite providers alike offer a variety of channels in HD. However, cable tends to be a tad more reliable due to the picture signal being run through fibre optic wires as opposed to an external dish. Poor weather tends to hinder the dish signal at times, an issue not so familiar with cable.

Both cable and satellite are great options, but you may still experience technical issues with aerials while using both. If you would like information on the services that we offer at Aerials Direct, feel free to contact us on 01708 347257.