What to do with your aerial (without a chimney!)

TV aerials without chimneys

So it’s a commonly laid out assumption that your TV aerial should, by rights, go on your chimney, right? I’m sure you know what we’re talking about – you’ve seen it, it’s more than likely that your neighbours have it, but you don’t, and you’re kinda wondering what you should do, in this situation.

If you live in an apartment block, or some other type of residential building that comes without a chimney, figuring out where to put your aerial may prove tricky. Aerials and chimneys seem like such a natural pairing, it’s odd to think you could have one without the other, and yet, lo and behold, you can.

We’ll tell you a secret… Aerials don’t actually need to go on chimneys.

The main reason why TV aerials are mounted to people’s chimneys is that, usually, that’s just the highest point of the house, and it’s just so convenient. After all, you’ve already got this structure existing there, and sticking out, might as well use it for your aerial needs, we figure.

However, that does not mean that people who don’t have access to a chimney should have to go without an aerial.

Right, so if you don’t use the chimney, where can you mount your aerial?

Well, our Aerials Direct team has had a lot of experience mounting aerials to homes, and in quite a varied range of locations. The one thing that we always take care to remind clients is that home repair and improvements should be versatile, so we’ll work with the space that is available to us.

That being said, we can mount your aerial in several places:

a.   The attic

The attic is actually an excellent location for an aerial, since it is insulated, and covered, which means it offers added protection from the elements for your aerial, and so, should make it last longer.

As long as you can get good reception in the attic or the loft, there’s no real reason why we couldn’t mount your aerial up there.

b.   On the external wall (either front or back)

Now, this one may prove a little more complex, since you will first need to get confirmation that you’re allowed to mount things to the front or back walls of the building that you live in.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem, in the large majority of cases. We’ll simply mount the aerial as high up on the wall as we can, and you should have no problems with your reception.

c.    The gable end wall

You know, that triangular section where two roofs oriented in different directions meet. The gable end wall, as it turns out, is an excellent place to put up your aerial, and it won’t reach up too much over the roofline to create any visual unpleasantness.

d.   Pole in the ground

Now, while this idea may not be ideal, it is still a very stable, and very efficient way of ensuring your aerial, without an actual chimney.

Need an aerial installed without a chimney?

At Aerials Direct, we’ve seen a lot of options for mounting an aerial, even without a chimney, so give us a call today, and we can figure out which option works best for you!