What Is the Lifespan of a TV Aerial?

TV aerials in Romford against blue sky

Whether you’re looking to install a TV aerial or already have one, knowing what determines the lifespan of an aerial is important. Since a TV aerial is outside and thus, exposed to various kinds of weather, there is always a chance that it may get damaged. There are many factors when considering how long before a maintenance check or replacement is needed.

How Long is an Aerial Expected to Last?

If the TV aerial is of good quality and was installed by a professional, it may last between 10 to 20 years. It could last longer, though. Many people have been using the same aerial for 30 years with no issues at all.

On the other hand, if you decided to save some money and bought a cheaper aerial or if it wasn’t installed by an experienced professional, the expected lifespan drops considerably. 10 years or less is the best you can expect in such a scenario.

What Reduces the Lifespan of a TV Aerial?

Low-Quality Aerial or Antenna

As mentioned earlier, an aerial is going to be outside and needs to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. The scorching sun, heavy rain, strong winds, and more are going to pose a threat to the aerial.

Avoid cheap aerials that have elements like Bacofoil because they bend easily. Ultimately, the inconvenience and cost of repair will not be worth the money you might save on a cheap initial purchase.

Lightning Strike/Electrical Storm

During electrical storms, a very high voltage may pass through the aerial and causes irreparable damage. The same happens when lightning strikes. In either case, the installer cannot prevent the inevitable, no matter how good the installation or aerial parts are.

Poor Installation

Even the best TV aerial won’t last very long if it hasn’t been properly fitted and installed. Here are some common reasons issues that arise when a professional doesn’t do the installation:

  • Over-tightened Top U Bolt – This damages the mat and causes it to weaken
  • Aerial installed at too great a height – Not using an aerial mast for higher-than-usual heights will reduce the lifespan
  • Failure of the cables and fixings

Outdated Technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and it may be time to upgrade your aerial. Your aerial may now be obsolete, depriving you of the TV services available in your area. An example of this was the transition from VHF to UHF.

You should also consider changes in frequency or any new buildings or monuments recently built near you that might be interfering with the signal. In this case, you may need to increase the height of the aerial or consider a satellite dish.

Loft Aerials Last Longer

Loft aerials are not recommended for the simple reason that they are installed at a relatively low height. This causes more interference in the signal and potentially lower picture quality. However, it does mean loft antennas are better covered so that they won’t be as susceptible to the weather.

How Can I Ensure My TV Aerial Lasts for a Long Time?

At Aerials Direct, we have professionals who offer TV aerial installations, replacements, and repairs. With our experienced engineers, you can rest assured your aerial has been professionally installed and set up to last as long as possible.

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