TV Aerials – Where is the Best Place to Put Them?

satellite dish and antenna tv on blue sky / satellite

It is only natural to want to enjoy your TV viewing with a clear picture and an uninterrupted, strong signal. Regarding TV aerial positioning, no one place is best for all. Several factors determine the best place to put your TV aerial. Here, we address three of those.

The Best Reception Area

Ideally, you don’t want your TV aerial to stick out like a sore thumb. However, the best positioning for your aerial will vary depending on your property and in some cases, a visible aerial could mean the strongest signal. Aerial specialists, such as aerials direct, will always do their utmost to ensure aerials are installed out of view while providing a strong and reliable signal.

Once the strongest signal point is determined, you can decide which type of aerial best suits your needs. Smaller, more discreet aerials are an option if the strongest reception point is less discreet.


Another factor to consider before aerial installation is potential interference. While reception may be optimum in a specific spot, if that area is vulnerable to interference due to weather, trees or infrequent obstructions, it may not be the best place to install it. This can sometimes be a case of trial and error, and aerials may need to be moved if interference becomes an issue.


Buildings less than a decade old should have coaxial cables embedded in the wall cavities, leading from the loft areas to wall sockets. This eradicates the need for unsightly wires that can be complex to install. If your property requires surface-mounted cables, seek the help of a professional.

In Conclusion

The best place for an aerial is undoubtedly where the strongest, uninterrupted reception is received. The installation should be straightforward, using the most appropriate aerial type. You should consult professional aerial installers to ensure the work is carried out safely and correctly.

Thick cables and ugly aerials sticking out everywhere are not appealing to any homeowner. The most common strong signal areas for aerials are on the rooftop for external aerials, commonly around the chimney stack location. Internal aerials are often installed successfully in the loft of a building. Minimal interference is key to receiving long-term, strong reception and avoiding having to move or replace your aerial.

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