TV Aerials in New Builds

victorian property with bay window and numerous tv aerials on

Moving house is exciting, but it can also be stressful. If you are moving into a new build, you may wonder if the house has a TV aerial already installed. The answer is it’s unlikely. However, the cabling may be set up ready for connection, but this will depend on the property developer.

TV Aerial Restrictions

Some new builds restrict where aerials can be installed. This could mean it cannot be on the exterior of the building or that it must go on the front. Find out if there are restrictions, and then you will know the best action regarding aerial installation. You may need a bracket and mast. A specialist, such as Aerials Direct, can help you get the suitable aerial installed in the ideal position.

TV Cables and Sockets

After the TV aerial is successfully and safely installed, the TVs in the property must be connected to a signal. Many households have multiple TVs, and aerial amplifiers and aerial splitters are a great way to ensure all TV points have a signal. Enlisting the help of an aerial installation specialist will help, as you will need to provide the correct cables and sockets are connected safely and as discreetly as possible. Excessive cables are unattractive and unsafe.

The coax cables installed with most new builds may need to be replaced as they are not always the best quality. Not all cables and sockets are compatible with everything, so depending on your provider, it is best to research the right connections for you. Some wall plates are not compatible with Sky Q, for example. Having the right fittings and connections will prevent service interruption caused by weak signal or incompatibility.

Adding and Changing Wiring

If you are involved with the property before the wiring is complete, you may be able to ask the developer to help add or change the wiring accordingly. Perhaps you want your TV on the wall or your TV point in a specific area to match your layout or décor. They could help with this, so it is worth discussing your requirements. If you move into the property and find the positioning unsuitable for your needs, you can enlist the help of an aerial installer.

‍The key thing with new builds is to plan ahead and find out about aerials, cables and sockets before you move into the property.

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