TV Aerials – How Many TVs Can One Aerial Run?

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Multiple TVs on One Aerial

It is possible, and relatively easy, to run multiple TVs from one TV aerial. All you need is the correct equipment. If your aerial is in total working order, there is no reason why you cannot run many TVs through it.

Splitting a signal with a passive splitter

Using a splitter means you lose signal on each output. The more ways the signal splits, the more signal you lose. This means that using a splitter could lead to losing signal, which then requires an amplifier.

Using an Amplifier

Amplifiers strengthen signals using electrical currents. There are several types of amplifier, some with more signal gain than others. Some amplifiers can run multiple TV points using different outputs. It is important to note that you do not necessarily need an amplifier every time you wish to run a TV through a single aerial.

A very long cable run can cause losses due to the resistance. In this case, an amplifier should be added at the signal’s strongest point

How Many TVs?

There is no magic number when it comes to how many TVs can run from one aerial. However, the number is high. Many blocks of flats have all TVs using one aerial without issues – that’s a lot of TVs!

Reception areas are an important factor when it comes to aerial signals. Some areas have poor reception, making it a little trickier to run multiple TVs. In this case, a splitter may be a better option than an amplifier.

Things to Consider

If there is no adequate power supply for an amplifier, a mast head can be an option. This means installing a power supply at a TV point to carry the electrical voltage to the amplifier. You should only do this if needed, as adding an amplifier can cause interference and increase the risk of costly issues.

Higher gain aerials will help you avoid having to use an amplifier. Speak to an aerial specialist, such as Aerials Direct, to find out the best aerial solutions for you. It will depend on your location and circumstances, but there will always be a solution to poor signal and aerial issues.

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