Trees Blocking Television Signals – How to Solve it

house exterior with surrounding yard and driveway

Trees are beautiful, necessary and a wonderful part of nature. However, did you know that large and awkwardly situated trees can be problematic for TV, phone and internet connection? Here we look at how trees can interfere with your television signal and what you can do to fix the issue.

How Trees Affect TV Signal

Living in an area with many trees may be appealing, but if your home is surrounded by trees or even sits near a couple of larger, odd-shaped trees, TV reception may be poor. Some of the reasons trees can be bad for signals include:

Satellite dishes – satellite dishes require line of sight, and it doesn’t take a lot of trees to interrupt a TV signal. If trees stand in the line of sight, the signal will weaken. Moving your satellite dish can enhance the strength of the signal.

Growing trees – healthy trees will continue to grow. Trees that may not pose a problem when you first move into a property could grow and become problematic down the line. The bigger the tree, the bigger the chance of it absorbing or blocking TV signals. Tv aerials can be repositioned to help this problem.

Moving trees – strong winds will move trees. They will sway and potentially interfere with TV signals, and they may also bend or break; therefore, parts of them will move position. Usually, this temporary problem fixes itself once the weather calms down. However, broken and bent trees may need to be tended to.

Wet trees – rain and storms can drench trees, which sometimes leads to weaker or diverted TV signals. The denser and closer together the trees, the more chance of this causing issues. Again, there is no fix unless overgrown trees are trimmed regularly, but the problem should resolve itself when the weather improves.

In addition to the tips above (moving dish or aerial and trimming trees), you could also choose to move. If you find that trees are a persistent issue with your TV signal and the simple fixes do not help, you may want to consider moving if your lifestyle and budget allow.
An aerials specialist, such as Aerials Direct, can help you with TV signal issues. Consulting a specialist is an effective way of enhancing your signal, and they can move aerials and dishes quickly and safely. This should be your first port of call before attempting tree cutting or thinking about moving.

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