Television Wires – How to Hide Them


You’ve got the new TV you’ve had your eye on, it has pride of place and looks fantastic. What do you do about the wires on show? Cords and wires can become an unsightly tangled mess, ruining the look of your TV area, whether it is on a stand or mounted on a wall /shelf. Wires from your TV, digital box, console or DVD player will only add to the chaos. If you want to hide your TV wires, you are not alone. Read on to find out the best and safest way to do this.

Power outlet

If there is a power outlet behind your TV, you can hide the wires behind the TV without stretching to other areas. This is particularly useful for wall-mounted TVs. You may also wish to hook cords to walls or furniture if the power outlet is not quite in the right spot.

TV Stands

Some TV stands have areas for cords and wires. This allows you to display your digital devices while hiding the messy cables away. Stands can be rather stylish with a variety of designs and finishes. You could opt for a TV stand with doors to hide a multitude of wires!

Wires in Walls

Did you know you can hide wires and cables within the walls of your home? Initially, it can be a messy process and should be done with care, but this is an effective way of hiding wires. Drilling holes into the walls should be done by someone who has some knowledge and experience of this type of work. Stud walls are straightforward to work with. It is always good to seek advice from professional installers when considering this kind of work.

Cord Hiding Kits

TV cord hiding kits are available on Amazon and are made of plastic tubes, covering extension cords and every other gadget you may need to conceal your wires and cables. This is a great and cost-effective option. The two main types of cord hiding kits are plastic cord covers and metal cord covers. The plastic ones are easier to install as the metal ones require screwing to the walls.

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