Rewiring A New Property – Which Cables Should I Have Installed?

Twisted cables

If you are moving into a new property – or changing the wiring in your current one – and want to ensure all wiring is up to date, you may be wondering which cables need to be installed. Many things are moving in the wireless direction, but you want to be sure you have the absolute best connection for everything, and you cannot beat cables! The AV/TV/data cables that you require may vary depending on your building and area.

Types of Cable

The most common types of cable used for connectivity and entertainment include:

  • Coax cabling – Home AV, CCTV, TV aerial, satellite, video.
  • Twisted pair data cables – Internet, communications, Ethernet, phone, voice, video, CCTV, HDMI.
  • Speaker cabling – Surround sound, multi-room sound, home audio.

Cable Location

Cables should all be in the same area to make accessibility easy. This may be under the stairs, in the loft or a separate utility area.  Wherever it is, you should be able to access it quickly and easily.

‍Electrical Cables

You must contact a professional electrician if you are looking to pull and rewire electrical cabling. This will help to establish your power needs and ensure safety. The cable sizes that you will require will vary depending on the circuits. A professional electrician will be able to advise you on all of this.


Earthing your set up is recommended if you have a lot of TV/AV equipment. It is actually a legal requirement in some parts of the globe. Most aerial splitters will have an earth connection. This means that data cabinets can be connected to an earth supply with ease. Be sure to seek professional advice on the limit of equipment to ensure you are not causing a hazard. An aerial specialist, such as Aerials Direct, would be able to advise you on the best connections regarding your aerial professionally.

Other Things to Think of

Door entry systems, alarm systems, access control, remote access, home automation and smart lighting are additional things that you may wish to add to your property. These will usually require twisted pair cabling. It is best to consult a professional in this case to ensure safe and successful installation.

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