Reasons for TV falling off the walls

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step 1. choosing the right aerial

step 1. choosing the right aerial

Gone are the good old days when bulky TVs were kept safe and sound in wooden cabinets. This is one of the reasons why your dad might have never bothered about a TV wall mount because, well, the older TVs were not on the walls.

With the advent of technology, bulky TVs have transitioned into lighter, flat-screen LEDs that have also made their way up to the walls from the shelves.

As light as this newer generation of TVs might be, if not installed properly, they can make their way back down. But this time, not on the tv shelf but the floor. With improper installation, the TVs carry a high chance of falling on the floor.

If you have ever experienced a TV falling off the wall, you know how devastating it can be. And if you haven’t, then trust me, you really don’t want to witness that sight.

Seeing your expensive TV broken on the floor can surely be heartbreaking, but also it can lead to injuries. Let’s explore some factors that can lead to this “dreadful” incident.

Using cheap TV wall mounts

People are often willing to invest in the most expensive TVs, but when it comes to wall mounts, they try saving a few extra bucks. This is due to the common misconception that all TV mounts are the same, but the truth is, they are not.

The higher quality TV mounts are manufactured in a way that they can withstand the heat and weight of our TV. The cheaper brands skip the costly yet essential manufacturing steps that compromise the wall mount’s quality, and hence they come at the cost of durability.

Mounting the TV on drywall

People installing a TV on their own treat it like a canvas neglecting the fact that TV has greater weight. Instead of mounting the TV to the wall studs, your TV will come crashing to the floor in no time if you directly mount it to the wall. The TV’s weight puts a strain on the drywall if you try placing it without a TV mount.

Fixing the TV improperly

You might think that you are using the most top-notch methods to fix your TV, but in reality, your TV might not be as secure as it appears to be. The fixing can weaken over time if the TV brackets do not have a secure hold.

How to keep your TV safe and sound

By taking several small yet significant precautions, you can ensure that your TV stays well in place.

Never trust the dry walls

Unless you want to do a drop test with your TV, this is one thing that you simply can’t brush off. Instead of directly mounting the TV on drywall, you should use a surface that can bear the TV’s load.

Also, you should know your way around with wall studs, drill, and screwdrivers, and all the required supplies for wall mounting. If you don’t have great familiarity with tools, it is better to trust a professional for this job.

Find a suitable TV mount

None of us would love the idea of pulling the TV down every time you want to install a cable into the TV port. Using an unstable or improperly positioned TV mount significantly risks the stability of your TV. Make sure you invest in a stable and high-quality TV mount so the TV is mounted on the wall securely.

Mounting TV is not a DIY project!

Installing the TV would have been easier if it only involved drilling several holes in the wall. But unfortunately, there is more to it. If you don’t want to put your TV at risk of falling any time, it is better to take professional help instead of mounting the TV like a DIY project.

Want to save your mounted TV from falling off the wall?

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