Loft Aerials – Your Complete Guide


TVs are improving with technology, and digital TVs are more and more efficient. This has led to people being more specific about the types of aerial they feel are best. Here we discuss all you need to know about loft aerials.

Loft Type

You should first establish what your loft is made from, as these materials will determine how successful a loft aerial will be. Foil lining will not work as it will prevent the signal from reaching the aerials. This is also the case for walls and roofs with solar panels or metal sheeting.

Transmitter Promximatey

Loft aerials will work best if a property is within fifteen miles of a TV transmitter. Be sure to assess where your nearest transmitter is and check the specs of your aerial to ensure it is appropriate for that distance. If you find out the transmitter’s direction, you can direct the aerial that way for a stronger signal.

Line of Sight Path

The line of sight path must not be obstructed by buildings, large trees or hills, as this will weaken the signal, particularly during periods of bad weather.

TV Position

The distance between your TV and the aerial is important when considering coaxial cables. The distance should not affect the signal strength, though.

Antenna Type

It is essential that you get the right antenna or aerial. It should be able to pick up all TV signals, even when weak, and block out interference. High-grain aerials will help to enhance picture quality.

Loft Aerials – Advantages

  • Loft aerials are waterproof and protected from the elements
  • They are easily accessible
  • They are hidden away, so they do not hinder the property’s aesthetics.
  • Lower cost as they do not need to be weather-proof

Loft Aerials – Disadvantages

  • Weaker signal than external aerials
  • Small things such as position and other objects/materials can affect it
  • Leaking roof tiles will cause instant issues
  • High potential for interference

In summary, the key things to consider are your loft type and location. Many aerial options are available, but it is always best to have yours installed by a trained professional. While there are advantages to loft aerials, they will not compete with the durability and signal strength of an external alternative.

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