Keeping Birds Away From Your Antenna / Aerial

bird on external aerial in romford

Birds will naturally be drawn to rooftops for perching and even nesting. An aerial or TV antenna may be an attractive perching place for our feathered friends. However, birds accumulating, and nesting here can be somewhat of a nuisance. Not only will bird nests interrupt the maintenance or installation of an aerial or antenna, but the droppings can be rather unsightly.

Here we look at ways to deter birds from your aerial / antenna:

Bird Spikes

This is a fast and easy way of deterring birds. They are not costly and can be sourced easily. They can be fitted onto your roof or your aerial and make it hard for birds to settle in that area. They come in different materials and sizes. Birds such as seagulls would require larger bird spikes.

Hawk Kites

A hawk kite attaches to the premises and blows in the wind, akin to a bird of prey. This should deter birds from approaching. However, although effective, they should not be left out permanently and especially in high winds. Birds can become used to their presence.

‍Bird Statue

A statue of a large bird, such as a hawk or an owl, can be fitted near the aerial. This will deter birds to an extent, but over time they may become used to it and see that it poses no threat. This is best used as a temporary solution.


A successful but pricey way of deterring birds. A correctly installed netting will stop birds from having access to your aerial and the areas surrounding it.

Moving your aerial/antenna

If your aerial is installed on a wall above a walkway, birds may perch on it. This causes bird mess on the doors and cars below. You can stop this by moving the aerial. If you have a good signal, you could consider the loft as a suitable location. Otherwise, the roof or chimney may be better.

Switching to a satellite dish

If you do not want to spend money on deterrents, you may wish to consider switching to a satellite dish. Removing your current aerial or antenna will stop birds from messing with it and covering the surrounding areas in droppings. Satellite dishes can sit lower down a wall, where birds will not want to perch.

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