Is My TV Aerial Causing Problems Due To The Storm?

Storm damage to aerials

A TV Aerial or a television antenna is designed to broadcast television signals through the air from the television station. Do you have your TV Aerial installed on your rooftop, and it doesn’t seem to be working since the storm took place? If yes, then there are a few ways through which you can check if it’s working or not.

Lightning issues

Can you imagine something more frustrating than your TV giving no signal when you sit down to watch your favorite show? If you see the no signal sign on the screen, we understand how you must feel about missing out on something you were so eager to watch.

Many times the TV Aerial stops working properly due to the lightning that must have struck near your Aerial on the roof. Lightning can also cause the components inside the TV Aerial to go through damage. Once the lightning has passed, you can go to your rooftop to check the matter with the aerial. Check if it is working again or it has completely been fried. If the Aerial doesn’t work despite everything you try, you will have to opt for a replacement.

Wiring problems

Other than the lightning issues due to the storm, your TV aerial might not be working because of faulty wires. Check if your cables and wires are plugged in properly or are not loose. Sometimes the wiring gets old, which is why the television isn’t able to catch the signals properly. What if some water came inside your plug due to the rain last night? If you think that your television not working properly is somehow connected to the storm that came in, don’t waste your time. Contact a professional and ask them to come over and have a look before you miss out on another one of your favorite episodes.

Damage due to rain or snow

Do you have your TV aerial installed on your rooftop or balcony? If yes, the strong gust of winds might have moved the Aerial from its place or turned it to the wrong position. Other than the winds, rain and snow are also equal culprits behind your TV aerial not working. Do you think that the rain and snow might have caused extensive damage to your TV aerial, and it might not work unless replaced?


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