Is a Satellite TV right for your new home?

satelite dish on roof

If you are shifting to a new neighborhood or if you just feel like experimenting with a new TV connection and upgrading the quality of TV shows during the Covid 19 pandemic, you are at the right place!

Amidst the lockdowns and the social distancing, people have had the chance to pace their lives down and enjoy some quality time with their families, at home while watching TV mostly. Therefore, if you are looking for an upgrade to one of the best options available, a Satellite TV is perfect for you, and our team at Aerials Direct can make that happens in no time!

With our Aerial Repairing, TV mounting, and Same Day Service, we can get the job done from scratch in the blink of an eye, and soon enough, you will be able to watch your favorite shows in uninterrupted runs and High Picture Quality.

Benefits of a Satellite TV

Here are a few reasons why you must choose a Satellite TV over a cable or a Fibre TV whenever you want to replace or upgrade your TV connection.

No restrictions of locations

Unlike Cable and Fibre TV connections that are only available in major cities, a Satellite TV will give you access to the world from any location no matter how far away from the city it is therefore if you wish to move to a quieter area that is away from the busy city life, A satellite TV will work as flawlessly as it would if you were living in the center of the city, without any limitations of any kind!

High reception quality

If you own top-of-the-line equipment and enjoy an Ultra HD quality in whatever you watch, a Satellite TV must be your first choice. It is a digital broadcast, and every show is in a high picture quality along with good resolution and reception quality. While some cable channels are also broadcasted in HD, not all stations may be up-to-the-mark which may lead to poor reception and quality at times.

Channel availability

Satellite TV provides a wider range of channels for you to choose from without having to compromise on anything at all. With high quality and good reception, a wider range of options is a bonus that you must not miss out on!

Costs and packages

Satellite TV provides the best and most affordable costs and packages for unlimited channels in Ultra HD quality along with possible added connections of the Internet and Phone lines so that you can receive the entire package through one subscription only. How great is that? With one source for all of your telecommunicating needs, there is not much that you will have to worry about!

At Aerials Direct, we stand by our word to provide you with the best customer service. From installation to mounting and after-sales services, we will make sure to do it all to your satisfaction and with efficiency in everything that we do for you!