How to Stop Birds Sitting on TV Aerials

Keep Birds Away from TV Antenna Aerials

Keep Birds Away from TV Antenna Aerials

Having clear TV signal is crucial for an enjoyable viewing experience. But birds and their droppings can disrupt the signal and damage the aerial. In this blog, we’ll provide tips on how to prevent birds from perching on your TV antenna aerial.

Why Birds Perch on Antenna Aerials

Birds are drawn to aerials for multiple reasons, such as using it as a perching spot to observe their surroundings or the material used in the aerial’s construction providing a good grip.

Consequences of Birds on Aerials

Bird droppings are acidic and can corrode the aerial, leading to signal disruptions and permanent damage. Moreover, bird droppings can be unsightly and a health hazard if they contain diseases like salmonella.

Preventing Birds from Perching

  1. Bird spikes: These are a humane way to stop birds from perching on the aerial. They’re made of plastic or stainless steel and can be attached to the aerial to provide an uncomfortable surface for birds.
  2. Bird net: A bird net placed over the aerial will prevent birds from landing. The net should be made of strong, durable material and securely fastened to prevent birds from entering.
  3. Bird repellent: Devices that emit high-frequency sounds or flashing lights scare birds away and can be attached to the aerial and powered by batteries or a mains adapter.
  4. Bird scarer: Holographic predator decoys mimic predator movements and sounds, deterring birds from landing on the aerial.

Maintaining Bird Deterrents

Regularly inspect and maintain bird deterrents to ensure they’re functioning properly. Check for any signs of wear and tear and replace damaged parts promptly. Clean bird spikes and nets regularly to remove bird droppings and prevent attracting more birds.

In conclusion, keeping birds off the TV antenna aerial is essential for clear signal and a pleasant viewing experience. Use bird spikes, bird nets, bird repellents, or bird scarers to deter birds from landing on the aerial. Regular maintenance will ensure the deterrents continue to work effectively and keep the aerial bird-free.