How To Fix TV Interference

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If you’re suffering with a poor TV signal, there can be multiple reasons for this. Some most common reasons for a bad TV signal are too much signal, not enough signal, damaged/ faulty equipment and many other reasons including interference.

What is TV Interference?

A common problem with the TV and antennas in the UK is TV interference. TV interference occurs when someone else is watching TV channels on a different TV channel or receiving a good signal from the TV’s internal aerial and broadcasting it over your TV’s normal channels. Most TVs come with an internal aerial for receiving signals but for some, this is blocked because of a hole or crack in the TV or poor signal strength. Interference is created by the TV signal getting into the part of the TV’s speaker where you can actually hear sound.

Types of Interference

There are a couple of types of interference and each has different causes.

  • Conductive Interference – Conductive interference occurs in direct line of sight from the broadcast to your device and is caused by a poorly constructed antenna, often the reason for poor reception
  • Another common cause of conductive interference is too much of a particular wavelength. Common examples of conductive interference include radiation from high power windows, TVs, Skylights or tanning lamps
  • Reception Induced Interference (RI) happens when one particular channel from the TV has a very strong signal on it and this weak signal causes your receiver to either ignore that channel or to ignore it completely for that channel

How To Fix TV Signal Interference

Most of the time, a poor TV signal will cause interference to the other TV channels. While you can use one of the services provided by these providers to solve TV interference problems, most of these services also include the possibility to solve interference problems. However, you should not rely on any of these services to solve your problem. What’s even worse is that most of these providers don’t reveal the number of their users and this is why you will most likely not be able to get help from these companies. That’s why if you’re still having issues, we can help you save a lot of time so that you can deal with the problem. Why Do We Do This? Let’s just say, if we write something, you will read it and it will help you to solve your problem.

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