How Long Do TV Aerials Last?

rooftop, view of an tv aerial

TV aerials are designed to catch signals that enable you to watch your favourite channels and programs. But since they are mostly installed outside, they are exposed to all kinds of external factors. While this influences the lifespan, you must know how long it will last. We will share some tips that will help you determine when a replacement is needed.

So, What Is the Lifespan of TV Aerials?

TV aerials are available in several different qualities in the market. The price varies with the type and quality. Apart from considering the quality, the overall lifespan of the TV also depends on who installs it. For instance, if you buy an expensive TV aerial, you should get it installed by a professional.

From the outside, installing a TV aerial might seem easy. However, several things could go wrong and end up with you needing another replacement. This is why a professional working on your aerial will make it last somewhere around 10 to 20 years. On the other hand, if you opt for a cheap quality aerial and a relatively less experienced individual, you should not expect the aerial to last for too long.

What Are the Factors That Reduce the Lifespan of A TV Aerial?

· Bad Quality Aerial

A TV aerial or antenna is installed outside, so it must deal with and accept all that mother nature throws at it, including rain, snow, dust, dirt, strong winds, etc. Therefore, you should go for high-quality aerials from Aerials Direct as our aerials can withstand such extreme conditions without breaking or bending.

·  Poor Installation

Opting for a good-quality aerial does not mean that anyone can install it. In most cases, the homeowners spend more on a replacement due to poor installation. This is mainly due to the over-tightened top U-bolt and lack of experience installing cables and fixtures.

·  Outdated Technology

It simply might be that your aerial is too old in some cases. Since technology is rapidly evolving, do not be surprised if you need a replacement every 3-4 years. It is not related to the quality but the growing competition to introduce better and newer services. Therefore, to keep up, you might need to adjust the aerial’s height or consider a satellite dish.

How to Ensure a Long-Lasting TV Aerial?

To ensure a long-lasting TV aerial, you should always opt for a high-quality aerial and a professional installation. Plus, it is important to perform a maintenance check, especially in the case of extreme weather conditions. This helps fix any issues before you find yourself out there again in the hunt for a replacement.

TV aerials will last for years provided they are well-built and installed the right way. However, it is also the homeowner’s responsibility to perform regular inspections and replace them when needed.

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