How long should I expect an aerial installation to last?
15-20 years

Can I have a plug in aerial socket fitted?
Yes you can ask for this at installation

Can I run more than one satellite receiver off my dish?
Yes if you have the correct LNB on the dish – if not this can be fitted

My satellite TV picture is breaking up?
Dish may need realignment- check no high trees are in the way

Can I use my TV aerial for Freesat?
No an aerial can only pick up Freeview a dish is needed for Freesat

Will old aerial work with digital TV?
Sometimes, if the signal is strong in your area

Can I use an old satellite dish as an antenna?
No a dish cannot be used as an aerial- only for satellite so a receiver will be required or a TV with Freesat built in

How do I choose a good satellite dish?
You don’t really choose it the engineer does

How do I test my TV aerial signal strength?
Some TVs have an option to test the signal but they’re not very accurate- the engineer will test it on a meter before he starts