Everything You Need to Know About Sky Glass

Satelite dishes on chimney in Romford

Sky Glass – What Is It?

Sky Glass is a TV service offered by Sky that doesn’t require a sky dish or Sky box. Everything needed to run Sky Glass is built into the TV, which connects to your Wi-Fi. All live TV and TV catch-up programmes are streamed through the internet.

The sizes available for Sky Glass are currently 43, 55 and 65” screens. This refers to the distance between two corners of the screen. The Sky Glass TV is 4K ultra-HD resolution.‍


You can connect Blu-ray players, games consoles and another Sky box as well as other digital TV services using the HDMI ports and TV aerial input. Sky Glass also has USB, Ethernet and AC power connections. If you are unsure how to connect or install aerials and digital connections, it is best to consult a specialist such as Aerials Direct.

Sky Glass – Cost

The price for hire purchase over 48 months ranges between £13 and £21 a month, depending on the TV screen size. You can also purchase the TV outright, meaning you own it from the day of purchase.

The cost of Sky Glass is in addition to your Sky product subscriptions, such as TV packages and broadband. You can add multi room similar to how you would using Sky Q. Talk to a Sky consultant to find the best options. You can have up to six other rooms connected.

Sky Glass – Installation

A Sky Glass TV can be wall mounted just like any other TV, using the right wall brackets. If you are not confident installing your Sky Glass TV, you should contact a specialist to assist. You may require additional longer wires depending on the site of installation and your current set-up.

If you have an old Sky dish that you no longer require, this can be removed by yourself or a professional. You may want to keep the dish for additional TV points or future Sky Q use.

With Sky Glass, you will not need to tune the TV remote or look for the correct TV code. The remote is simply the TV remote, so you are all set to go!

As you can see, Sky Glass is a great option, with a simple set-up and everything you need in one place – the TV of the future for many homes.

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