Essential Local Services When Moving Home

portrait of proud young couple standing outside first home together

Moving home is exciting, but it also comes with a never-ending list of things to change and update. The overwhelming amount of things you must consider when moving increases with modern technology, as we are connected to more services than ever before.

Picture the scene: you’re in your new place, eager to have friends and family over, or to set up your remote working office, but you have problems with your internet/electricity/heating. These things can turn the moving fun into moving blues.

Preparation is key, so let’s consider the essential local services you need to consider before you move to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Ariel Engineer

Your entertainment system may be what brings the family together every evening or that thing that helps you to unwind. Where would you be without your recorded programs, favourite shows or online gaming? TV reception is an integral part of many people’s home life. Consult an aerials specialist, such as Aerials Direct, to determine the best setup for your aerials and entertainment system. Having your aerials set up correctly and safely as soon as you move in can help make your new place instantly homely.

Security Specialist

Investing in home security is important. CCTV, motion detectors, alarms and ring doorbells all go a long way towards protecting your home and deterring criminals. If it is known that you are new to the area, it could mean you are vulnerable to criminal activity. Home security gives you that layer of protection and peace of mind.

Internet provider

Who doesn’t use the internet in everyday life? For work, entertainment, bookings, communications – you name it, the internet provides it. Contact your intended provider ahead of time, whether you are staying with your existing one or changing to a new one. This will allow them to arrange the necessary connections to avoid offline time.


New locks can be tricky to master, and you may wish to change or improve the locks in your new home. Contact a local, reliable locksmith to ensure locks are up to date and secure from the moment you move in.


Sometimes you don’t know of plumbing issues until you move in, and properties that have been empty for some time may have initial plumbing niggles. Contact a local plumber to ensure your taps, washing machine, and toilet function from day one.

Energy Provider

While energy providers are no one’s favourite people, particularly amid these price hikes, you should contact them before you move to ensure correct supply, billing and usage.

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