Do You Really Need Satellite TV? The Answer is Yes!


We often hear from clients wondering whether or not  satellite television really is necessary in this day and age, so we thought we’d clear that up a bit for your convenience. With the advent of various, widely successful streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, satellite TV has really been struggling under pressure lately, but that’s not to say it’s dead yet!

Companies like Sky have had to adapt and overcome the current situation, which we’d say they’ve done rather well with the launch of Sky Q.


What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is the latest offering from TV superstar Sky, which offers the same old Sky satellite TV channels that viewers have come to know and love over the years, but with an extra twist. Rather than making audiences choose between sticking with tradition, and going with innovation, Sky Q allows for a compromise.


Integrating Netflix

If you can’t beat them, join them, right? The recent partnership between the renowned streaming platform and Sky brings viewers anything they could possibly want. Through this partnership, you’re able to stream Netflix straight through your Sky TV box, to multiple rooms inside your home.

This way, you get to enjoy all of the innovative original content of Netflix, while also keeping your beloved Sky programs. Most Sky packages nowadays come complete with Netflix integration, meaning you won’t have to choose between getting one or the other, but rather, will be able to seamlessly switch between the two.


Sky Q Exclusives

Sky Q also offers various types of exclusive content for members, which allows UK viewers access to exclusive US HBO or Fox News productions, among many others. Sky Q offers the same Sky TV you’ve grown used to, while also integrating a host of other channels, including live ones, through the included satellite.


Sky Q is also app-friendly.

It used to be that the television set was only something you used to see the news, but not anymore. Nowadays, your TV should also serve as your web-browsing and music streaming app. This is why Sky Q is also an app-friendly addition to the home.

Aside from the above-mentioned Netflix integration, Sky Q also offers you direct access to apps like Disney Plus, for the little one to enjoy; Spotify, so you can listen to all your favorite artists right through your Sky box; YouTube so you can catch up with the coolest YouTubers, and many other apps.

In other words, Sky Q retains all your favorite aspects of the traditional Sky TV, but also blasts you with a lot of hot and trending additions, which make any type of entertainment possible right from the comfort of your couch. Oh, and did we mention the Ultra-HD?

Now, your Sky Q TV box comes with integrated channels of the highest definition, only to make your viewing experience more pleasant. With a Sky Q box, you get to enjoy all your favorite programs with the best possible quality.