Connecting a Satellite Dish Directly to a Television

Man installing a satelite aerial to house

It can be easy to blur the line between a satellite dish and a TV aerial. After all, both deliver programmes to your TV screen using signals. But it is important to recognise that you cannot simply replace one for the other.

Satellite dishes and TV aerials work differently, so let’s look at how each works.

Satellite Dish

A satellite dish consists of four parts. These are the feedhorn, the dish, the low-noise block downconverter, and the mount. Signals reflect to a fixed point from the satellite to make a strong signal for the feedhorn, and then the waves reach the low-noise block downconverter, creating a format that your satellite box can easily read. Satellite dishes receive a vast amount of signals; therefore, the quality of the channels you receive is sometimes compromised if signal reception is not strong. Those who live in less built-up areas often benefit from stronger signals. It is worth noting that satellite dishes need to decode signals.

TV Aerial?

There are two types of TV aerials – outdoor and indoor aerials. They consist of four main compartments: reflector, dipole, mount or mast and directors. TV transmitters send a signal to the dipole, and with outdoor aerials, the reflectors and directors increase and reflect the signal’s sensitivity. It then runs through the coaxial cord, which is connected to your TV.

TV aerials work best in built-up areas with a TV tower within 50 miles. Anything over that may cause issues, with the maximum distance being 80 miles. TV aerials do not need to decode signals.

Can I Connect my Satellite Dish Directly To my TV?

Simply put – No. As satellite dishes and aerials work differently, you generally cannot connect your satellite dish directly to your TV. The satellite dish signals come from much further away and in a different format. However, if your TV has built-in satellite support to demodulate without needing a coaxial cord, set-top box and HDMI cable, then you may be about to link the satellite to the TV. This will limit the channels you can receive to simple Freesat local channels meaning no international channels.

If you are unsure of your TV satellite or aerial set-up, contact an aerial specialist, such as aerials Direct. It is important to know what the aerial set-up is before your purchase a TV to ensure you get the right one for your needs.

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