Is My TV Aerial Causing Problems Due To The Storm?

Storm damage to aerials

A TV Aerial or a television antenna is designed to broadcast television signals through the air from the television station. Do you have your TV Aerial installed on your rooftop, and it doesn’t seem to be working since the storm took place? If yes, then there are a few ways through which you can check […]

Reasons for TV falling off the walls

family watching tv

Gone are the good old days when bulky TVs were kept safe and sound in wooden cabinets. This is one of the reasons why your dad might have never bothered about a TV wall mount because, well, the older TVs were not on the walls. With the advent of technology, bulky TVs have transitioned into […]

Why You Should Hire Experts for TV Aerial Installation Services

Man fitting aerial

Would you ever think of putting a safety hat on and picking up the hammer for the construction of a new house for yourself? We’re sure most of you wouldn’t do it until and unless they are contractors themselves. Likewise, why would you not get experts for the installation of TV aerial? This is one […]

Is a Satellite TV right for your new home?

If you are shifting to a new neighborhood or if you just feel like experimenting with a new TV connection and upgrading the quality of TV shows during the Covid 19 pandemic, you are at the right place! Amidst the lockdowns and the social distancing, people have had the chance to pace their lives down […]

How To Fix TV Interference

If you’re suffering with a poor TV signal, there can be multiple reasons for this. Some most common reasons for a bad TV signal are too much signal, not enough signal, damaged/ faulty equipment and many other reasons including interference.   What is TV Interference? A common problem with the TV and antennas in the […]

Rewiring A New Property – Which Cables Should I Have Installed?

Twisted cables

If you are moving into a new property – or changing the wiring in your current one – and want to ensure all wiring is up to date, you may be wondering which cables need to be installed. Many things are moving in the wireless direction, but you want to be sure you have the […]

What Is the Lifespan of a TV Aerial?

TV aerials in Romford against blue sky

Whether you’re looking to install a TV aerial or already have one, knowing what determines the lifespan of an aerial is important. Since a TV aerial is outside and thus, exposed to various kinds of weather, there is always a chance that it may get damaged. There are many factors when considering how long before […]

Sky Signal Issues Guide

No signal from TV

Loss of signals is a common issue with household owners due to the dish antenna’s weather and outside placement. The signal issues can be frustrating for someone looking to enjoy their favorite entertainment channel after a hard day’s work. To rectify this situation, we need to check a few boxes. First of all, you can […]

Can you get an electric shock from TV aerial/sat cable?

man cutting aerial cable

When you plan to spice the coax cable for your satellite receiver or TV, remember your safety is the priority. Before you plan to cut the cable, please remember to cut the power supply first; the electric shock might not be of very high voltage; however, getting an electric shock can always be damaging since […]

Keeping Birds Away From Your Antenna / Aerial

bird on external aerial in romford

Birds will naturally be drawn to rooftops for perching and even nesting. An aerial or TV antenna may be an attractive perching place for our feathered friends. However, birds accumulating, and nesting here can be somewhat of a nuisance. Not only will bird nests interrupt the maintenance or installation of an aerial or antenna, but […]