Rewiring A New Property – Which Cables Should I Have Installed?

Twisted cables

If you are moving into a new property – or changing the wiring in your current one – and want to ensure all wiring is up to date, you may be wondering which cables need to be installed. Many things are moving in the wireless direction, but you want to be sure you have the […]

Satellite Dish Installation In Brentwood

satellite dish installation in Brentwood

Are you looking for satellite dish installation in Brentwood? Then you’re in the right place. We can offer you excellent installation services, allowing you to access quality satellite television easily. What can we offer you, and why should you choose us?   Access The Best TV Out There These days, there’s more great TV out […]

What Is the Lifespan of a TV Aerial?

Whether you’re looking to install a TV aerial or already have one, knowing what determines the lifespan of an aerial is important. Since a TV aerial is outside and thus, exposed to various kinds of weather, there is always a chance that it may get damaged. There are many factors when considering how long before […]

Sky Signal Issues Guide

Loss of signals is a common issue with household owners due to the dish antenna’s weather and outside placement. The signal issues can be frustrating for someone looking to enjoy their favorite entertainment channel after a hard day’s work. To rectify this situation, we need to check a few boxes. First of all, you can […]

TV Aerial Installation in Hornchurch

Are you looking for a first-class digital TV aerial installation and satellite service in Hornchurch, England? We, at Aerials Direct, are pleased to serve you. Based in Romford, Essex, Aerials Direct has 30 years of industry-wide experience endorsing our resume as the leading choice for digital TV aerial installation company in Hornchurch and several other […]

Can you get an electric shock from TV aerial/sat cable?

When you plan to spice the coax cable for your satellite receiver or TV, remember your safety is the priority. Before you plan to cut the cable, please remember to cut the power supply first; the electric shock might not be of very high voltage; however, getting an electric shock can always be damaging since […]

Keeping Birds Away From Your Antenna / Aerial

bird on external aerial

Birds will naturally be drawn to rooftops for perching and even nesting. An aerial or TV antenna may be an attractive perching place for our feathered friends. However, birds accumulating, and nesting here can be somewhat of a nuisance. Not only will bird nests interrupt the maintenance or installation of an aerial or antenna, but […]

Which Is The Better Option – Cable Or Satellite?

You could argue that smartphones and such devices have taken over from traditional television, but this isn’t necessarily the case. For many homes, the TV is still the focal point, a place where the family socialise and relax. With such a variety of channels available, you are unlikely to see a TV that has just […]