Can you get an electric shock from TV aerial/sat cable?

man cutting aerial cable

When you plan to spice the coax cable for your satellite receiver or TV, remember your safety is the priority. Before you plan to cut the cable, please remember to cut the power supply first; the electric shock might not be of very high voltage; however, getting an electric shock can always be damaging since health and safety come before every other adventure you might like to plan. Always use the help of professional and trained cable services to have the best quality installation and removal to avoid any kind of electric shock. Many electricians would claim to know the trick but having someone permanent who knows your house wiring is even better.

Is there actual current in Radio/TV/ Dish Adopter Cables?

Radio, Dish, or satellite antennas are not only current conductors. Radiofrequency signals are transmitted through the coaxial cable. In modern times we do have fibre optic cables for broadcasting radio waves. The “signal” on a cable is, in fact, alternating current electricity, which is of a much, much higher frequency than that of your mains electrical supply. This doesn’t mean that you can’t cut into the cable as the voltage induced onto a coax cable from a TV aerial is very, very low. To give you an idea TV signal level of around 60dBµV is equal to 1mV. This is one-thousandth of a volt that you’re not going to feel if you touch it and will not cause you any harm. Even if you have a very strong signal at your TV position of 80dBµV, this still only equates to 10mV, which is 100th of a volt. You’re unlikely to have a signal strength of much more than 80dBµV as to be any higher; you would likely overload your TV tuner and cause poor TV reception.

What are the reasons for high currents?

Poor electrical installation could also be responsible for causing high voltage along the coaxial TV cable can be one of the reasons for high currents. Although new technology is made with safety first rules, all old-fashioned TV or dish satellites have approximately 25000 voltages. But this is mostly in the old installation, not in today’s range of standards. In contemporary systems, generally, MCB or RCD is installed to immediately cut the power supply if the voltages increase from the regular power supply.

Important safety measures

Remember to turn off all the equipment before you plan to touch the cable. I would recommend you turn off the main supply just in case. Use only the cutters and tools that are made to resist electric current up to 1000V. Earthling the TV system always increases your safety. All it takes is an earth bonding, and this can be done on the spot as well. Generally, the voltages going through the coaxial cables are not hazardous. However, it also depends upon the quality of the cable, so use the best quality of Aerial Direct cable for your and your family’s safety.

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