Do You Really Need Satellite TV? The Answer is Yes!


We often hear from clients wondering whether or not  satellite television really is necessary in this day and age, so we thought we’d clear that up a bit for your convenience. With the advent of various, widely successful streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, satellite TV has really been struggling under pressure lately, […]

What to do with your aerial (without a chimney!)

TV aerials without chimneys

So it’s a commonly laid out assumption that your TV aerial should, by rights, go on your chimney, right? I’m sure you know what we’re talking about – you’ve seen it, it’s more than likely that your neighbours have it, but you don’t, and you’re kinda wondering what you should do, in this situation. If […]

Setting Up Freeview – All You Need to Know

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What is Freeview? Freeview is a digital TV service that can be used via an aerial. Freeview works with TVs, boxes and video recorders that have the correct compatibility – which is most. It offers a wealth of TV and radio channels, including some of the UK’s favourites. Freeview is extremely popular and subscription-free. This […]

TV Aerials – How Many TVs Can One Aerial Run?

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Multiple TVs on One Aerial It is possible, and relatively easy, to run multiple TVs from one TV aerial. All you need is the correct equipment. If your aerial is in total working order, there is no reason why you cannot run many TVs through it. Splitting a signal with a passive splitter Using a […]

Is My TV Aerial Causing Problems Due To The Storm?

Storm damage to aerials

A TV Aerial or a television antenna is designed to broadcast television signals through the air from the television station. Do you have your TV Aerial installed on your rooftop, and it doesn’t seem to be working since the storm took place? If yes, then there are a few ways through which you can check […]

Reasons for TV falling off the walls

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Gone are the good old days when bulky TVs were kept safe and sound in wooden cabinets. This is one of the reasons why your dad might have never bothered about a TV wall mount because, well, the older TVs were not on the walls. With the advent of technology, bulky TVs have transitioned into […]

Why You Should Hire Experts for TV Aerial Installation Services

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Would you ever think of putting a safety hat on and picking up the hammer for the construction of a new house for yourself? We’re sure most of you wouldn’t do it until and unless they are contractors themselves. Likewise, why would you not get experts for the installation of TV aerial? This is one […]

TV Mounting in Brentwood

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Who doesn’t want a super enchanting living area?  A good entertainment room provides a real theatre experience. Get services for TV mounting in Brentwood now. With increasing advancements in technology, the conventional form of television has been transformed into a much better flat-screen version. These flat screens are attached and hung easily on your walls. […]

Is a Satellite TV right for your new home?

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If you are shifting to a new neighborhood or if you just feel like experimenting with a new TV connection and upgrading the quality of TV shows during the Covid 19 pandemic, you are at the right place! Amidst the lockdowns and the social distancing, people have had the chance to pace their lives down […]

TV Aerial Installation in Brentwood

TV aerial on Brentwood roof top with chimney

As a company that provides quality digital TV aerial installation services. Our punctual, courteous, tidy installers and engineers with a wealth of experience put in their best to make sure that smile never goes away as you spend quality in your home or offices. At Aerials Direct, our ability to offer fast, affordable, and professional […]