Aerials in Lofts – How to Make it Work for You

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There are several reasons why you may wish to install a TV aerial in your loft. The two common reasons are either that there is no way to fix an aerial on the outside, or fixing one outside would hinder the appearance of the building.

While installing aerials in the loft area can work for some, there are several things you must consider first.

Foil Insulation

If your loft is foil-lined, an aerial will never work in there. The foil lining will reflect the signal, meaning it cannot reach the aerial. This is the first thing you should check before attempting to install an aerial in your loft.


You should take some time to determine the best area for signal in your loft. Not every part of the loft will have the same signal strength, which can vary considerably. Firstly, consider the external surroundings of your building and its positioning. Are you a mid-terraced property? Are you surrounded by trees? These are things that can cause weak signal areas, so you should play around with where the signal may be strongest.


The signal in your loft may not be strong at all. This means you are likely to need to use an amplifier. However, it may be the case that a stronger signal is achieved than if the aerial was outside. This could be due to the loft being at a higher or more open point than the chimney stack. If you find your signal is poor no matter where in the loft you try, an amplifier is required.


A loft often has several sources of interference. It is important that an aerial is installed away from anything that may cause interference. Using aerials with an integrated balun or a log periodic design is best.

If installing an aerial in the loft does not work for any reason, it will need to go outside. If you are considering installing an aerial in your loft or any other area of your building, it is best to consult an aerial specialist such as Aerials Direct.

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