Aerial alignment can be the Solution Your TV Needs

Is your TV showing a problem associated with signal loss? Is the TV having difficulty displaying images? Aerial alignment might be all you need. Aerials direct offers aerial alignment services in Romford and its environment. We have friendly and experienced professional engineers that can help you get the TV working right in a matter of time.

Whether you’ve had your TV aerial installation done for a couple of years or new and you’ve been having difficulty watching your favorite shows, our aerial alignment servicing has got you covered. We are Romford-based engineers willing to help rectify your TV issues.


We offer assistance in:

Proper mounting

We have engineers that are well experienced working with aerial systems, and they ensure the TV is highly receptive. We make sure the TV aerial is well mounted on a pole and higher than surrounding trees and buildings.

Amplifier evasion

In Romford, we advise avoiding mounting amplifiers on masts and aerial systems. Call Aerial Direct for aerial alignment services if such is your case as it can amplify and interfere with TV reception.

Checking menu visibility

Our friendly engineers check the functionality of the satellite TV menu to determine the issue.


Do you think your TV needs aerial alignment for proper receptivity; call Aerials Direct today, and we will be right there ASAP. We offer same-day service in Romford and its environs.


Aerials Direct wants to make it easy to watch your favourite TV shows with clarity and no difficulty.    

For all your aerial alignment and  installation needs, call Aerials Direct today.

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