Halloween Horrors! Why Do We Enjoy Watching Scary Films So Much?

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014


With the weather getter cooler, and the nights getting longer, it definitely feels like Autumn is here.  And with Autumn, comes Halloween – dressing up, trick or treat and pumpkins aplenty!  Halloween is a great time to spend time with friends and family sharing ghoulish fun!

Perhaps you are thinking of spending the night at home, with the lights off,  watching scary films?  Or perhaps you don’t wait for halloween to do this! Its no secret that many people love a good horror film, but this bodes the question – just why is it that we love to be scared so much?

We’ve probably all seen a horror movie in our time, and it’s pretty easy to pick up on the format very early on – an empty house, a vulnerable girl, a ringing doorbell that shouldn’t be answered etc etc.  No doubt we all scream at the TV, advising some witless character what not to do through the medium of our TV screens, and we are probably enjoying that feeling of power just a little bit. But it’s not just the plot lines that are scary – with better special effects and computer generated images – modern day horror films are not just scary, they are horrific!  So why do people watch these?

Well, it has long been suggested that people just like to feel scared – especially when there is no actual threat to us. I am  pretty sure that we have all hidden behind a cushion and shrieked our way through a movie or TV show, and enjoyed every minute of it. But what else exactly is it that viewers get from horror?

From the success of Hitchcock’s early films, including the memorable Psycho, to the massive box office smash of The Exorcist in 1973 – which took more than $440m – there’s no end of horror films which have delighted mainstream audiences. Today still sees a regular and constant stream of increasingly graphic horror films making their way into cinemas across the UK, to the eyes of very mainstream audiences.

Horror is a very broad genre and can encompass a lot of things – from the supernatural, to the downright gory and grotesque! Whatever your favourite type of horror film is, there is no doubt that they all have one thing in common – the ability to move people and get the adrenalin pumping.The horror genre is constantly reinventing itself – feeding on our ever-changing culture and media-fed fears.

Classic horror films had a “Monster” that would scare us witless – whether it was Frankenstein, Dracula or whatever – some hideous creature would give us the willies!  Then came the more paranoid horrors which focused on our fear of monsters in a human form – think Texas Chainsaw Massacre where the monster is not only human but right on your doorstep. Nowadays monsters and murderers have made way for zombies, hauntings and global pandemics!

Horror fans are becoming a more sophisticated audience. Hauntings and possessions are still popular, with films like Paranormal Activity becoming a huge success at the box office. Films like World War Z, The Blair Witch Project and The Conjuring are some of the highest grossing movies of all time, proving that whatever ever flavour we like in our horror films, we are still loving them.

So this Halloween, sit back and prepare to be terrified – just try to forget about the film when you hear the floorboards creak in the dead of night on November 1st!  Happy Hauntings people!

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7 Best TV Programs To Watch This Autumn

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

It’s October!  The nights are drawing in, the weather is getting wetter and the clock will go back shortly.  Time to snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy some great TV.  This time of year, TV companies are very aware that we change our viewing habits as we spend more time indoors, so they laden the schedules with top quality viewing for us all to enjoy.

We’ve picked out 7 of our favourites for your viewing pleasure:

1. Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders

Written by quirky British writer and director Steven Knight, Peaky Blinders is an idiosyncratic gangster drama set in Birmingham in 1919.  The title refers to the legend of  a gang who secreted razor blades in the peaks of their caps. In this second season, Knight moves the action to London (the gang having concluded that all possible money has been made in Brum), and  introduces new characters, including one played by Tom Hardy, and promises to offer a “darker, more dangerous tone”.  This British gangster family epic is a great watch if you like a series with some real grit! BBC2 Thursdays 9.00pm.

2. Grantchester


A genteel adaptation of the James Runcie mysteries, this is a British detective drama at it’s best. Set in 1950′s Cambridge and featuring cleric-sleuth Canon Sidney Chambers, the series focuses on period policing in the rolling Cambridgeshire countryside.  A good watch if you like gentle, countryside detectives. ITV Wednesdays

3. Scrotal Recall

Scrotal Recall

A very British comedy focusing mostly on social embarrassment, and, based on the title and premise alone, there will be high hopes for this latest filth-com. Folk-rock singer Johnny Flynn plays Dylan Witter, a man diagnosed with chlamydia who must contact a different former sexual partner in each episode to inform them of the possible souvenir of him that they possess. Plenty of swears but good grown up comedy for a chortle. C4 Thursdays

4. Glue


Not all homegrown E4 dramas are Skins knock-offs and Glue proves just this. This eight-part murder mystery, set in an ignored corner of the countryside where local youths have been driven reckless by boredom, is written by Jack Thorne of This is England ’86 fame. E4 Mondays

 5. Bad Bridesmaid


In Bad Bridesmaids we see a hen weekend or wedding party infiltrated by an actor playing an “over the top” character who the bride insists is a long lost-friend or family member. Only the bride and the imposter know what is going on until the end, when the mayhem is explained. The bride-to-be is rewarded for keeping up the pretence with a luxury Honeymoon.  If the other Bridesmaids figure it out though, no prizes.  Its sounds silly, and it is a bit, but it still makes cringeworthy but entertaining TV. ITV2 Thursdays

6. Gotham


There is a new trend for TV remakes of existing movies and everyone’s at it – and Channel 5 has got the rights to one of the most anticipated. Gotham is set in a pre-Batman city, beginning with detective James Gordon’s investigation into the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. We’re promised expansive storytelling, origin stories for several Batman villains and – best of all – the Joker is apparently hiding in plain sight throughout. Channel 5

7. Stars At Your Service


As part of the Stand Up to Cancer fundraising campaign, this series gives viewers the chance to book some of Britain’s best-loved celebrities for any bespoke service – whether it’s singing a duet with a pop star or getting a famous face to do the household chores. In the first edition, Melanie C, Ollie Locke, Ashley Banjo, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Marvin Humes, Conor Maynard and Jon Snow all get involved.  Sounds like it goings to a lot of fun to watch, with a good cause at the heart of it.

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Why Is It That 4G Causes Interference With Freeview Channels?

Thursday, September 25th, 2014


Did you know that the recent advances in 4G mobile telephone technology have been causing some television reception problems?  You didn’t?  Well just in case you ever experience it, or even just want to know more about it, we’d thought we’d briefly explain why this is happening.

When the digital switch over took place in 2012, part of the process was move some transmissions to alternative frequencies to free up part of space on the spectrum for extra signals to squeeze in.  This extra space was sold to our friends, the mobile phone operators, to allow for the extra transmissions we can now view on our shiny  fourth generation (4G) mobile devices.

4G uses high-speed data streams to improve performance and speed up download time.  Most of us are glued to our mobile devices these days, and we all want information to play the exact moment we press the button.  As a result of this, the demand for 4G sort of made us forget that our phones share the airwaves with our digital TV’s.

FreeviewThe problems arises when, in some cases, the data being jammed through the cables to our 4G devices causes interference to our digital televisions display or Freeview channels.  This kind of  interference can cause pixilation of our television pictures, or in the worse case scenario loss of picture and reception completely.

In light of this, an independent company was set up to respond to this problem and to advise customers as to whether or not 4G is the cause to reduced or lost reception in households throughout the UK.

A mitigation company has been set up to respond to this problem and they can advise you as to the likelihood of whether 4G is the cause of television reception problems. If they find that 4G is activated at 800 MHz in the customers area, they are able to offer alternatives.

So, given how far we have come with mobile technology, and how addicted we all our to our phones, how can we stop this problem affecting each and every one of us?

Well, you can purchase a filter which in most cases eliminates the interference and installs the right filters to ensure you have the picture you want, whenever you want.

The type of aerial installation that you have on your property will affect the type of filter required. If you have a simple aerial feeding to one television, a simple plug-in filter should be all that is needed.  However, if you have a number of televisions being fed from a distribution amplifier, a more robust filter would need to be installed­—and in some cases—a roof top filter would be required.

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10 Signs You Are Watching Too Much TV

Friday, September 19th, 2014

too much telly


Now, don’t get us wrong.  Here at Aerials Direct we want you to enjoy watching your TV, and have the best signal and picture quality available to you to ensure you get the full enjoyment of all your favourite programs. BUT there is a balance between putting your feet up for an hour or so and catching up on your favourite soaps, and turning into a complete couch potato!

Worried you might be spending too much time staring at the box?  We’ve put together a lighthearted little guide for you.

1. You don’t get out often

If your daily life involves going to work and back and then spending the rest of your time in front of the TV, you may well be turning into a telly obsessed hermit.  If you find you are obsessed with not missing your favourite shows, your social life may well be suffering as a result of this.  We recommend getting out a little more.  Spending time out of the house with friends and family helps to put you in a better mood, can banish depression and may even help you live longer! Even if you spend your time talking about the TV programs you are missing, at least you are out of the house!

2. There’s a dent in your sofa!

A permanent, bottom shaped dent on your side of the sofa may well mean you are spending way too much time sitting on it! Don’t just park yourself on the cushions when watching the box, you could actually walk around or even engage in some gentle exercise!  Try some jumping jacks, push-ups, squats or lunges – or even drag that old exercise bike out of the garage and give that a good go whilst you catch up with the soaps.

3. You lose track of time

Just watching TV for hours on end is a waste of your time in so many ways.  Rather than settling down for a marathon movie session everyday, carefully pick out a couple of hour long programs or a full length movie to sit and enjoy instead.

4. You are eating too many takeaways.

You know how this plays out – sat on the sofa watching the TV, reach for your mobile, dial pizza place, eat pizza!  This is so easy and involves little or no exercise at all.  You don’t even have to get up to make the phone call.  If you really are worried that ad breaks don’t give you enough time to make a healthy snack, why not make some prior to your TV time so you can ensure that you can snack happy while you watch the telly, without piling on the pounds.

5. You TV tray never leaves the lounge

Again, eating in front of the TV is easy and convenient, but it’s not very healthy.  When you spend more time eating off a tray on your lap than you do eating at your table you are probably missing out on quality family time.  Also eating all hunched over on the sofa is bad for your indigestion.

6. You could make a meal out of your sofa crumbs

This is a definite sign that you’re vegging out too much—and eating mindlessly while you do. If you are so busy shoving stuff in your mouth that you don’t even notice you are making a mess, this is probably a good indication that you are staring too intently at the telly.

7. You have no idea what you just watched!

We all need to just zone out from time to time, but if you spend hours flipping around mindlessly, channel surfing and not really taking in what you are watching you are more than likely watching far too much.  Time spent staring at the TV could be used far more wisely.

8. Adverts are making you drool

If every food advert you watch is making you crave food,  it might be a sign that you’re brain is a breaking point with advertisements. When you don’t watch TV, you’ll see far fewer fast food ads. Adverts are a little bit subliminal and the more you see them the more likely it is you will want the product!

9. You want your own reality TV Show!  

This is definitely a problem!  If you spend so much time camped out in front of the TV that you find yourself devising ideas for reality shows that have never been done before, it probably means you have watched all the many millions that are already being shown.  Instead, why not read a book , or maybe get a job in a production company and put all your ideas to good use – bit extreme, but you get the point.

10. You are too busy to do anything else

A true TV couch potato can watch as much as 31.5 hours of TV per week – that’s almost as many hours as a full time job! You are not too busy to do anything if you can find that much time in your week to just consume TV programs.  You need to find time, make time to exercise, spend time with the family or catch up with household chores.  Trust us – you will feel far better in the long run.  And when you do give yourself the luxury of a little TV time, you will enjoy it for everything it is and not just be staring at a moving picture.

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