Black Friday – Where Did That Come From?

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Black-Friday-LineSo, you may well have seen in the news reports of people literally fighting in the aisles to pick up discounted TVs and other electronic goods.  Black Friday (which in case you’ve been asleep – is today) is an American traditional that seems to have hit the UK with a bang this year. The biggest discounts seem to be found on Televisions and Games Consoles.



What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is many things. In America, it’s the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, when retailers slash prices and open early to encourage a pre-Christmas buying spree. In Britain it used to be best known as that funny day when Americans got into fights over cheap toasters. That changed in 2010, when Amazon UK started offering deals on the day and other shops followed suit.

Why is it called Black Friday?

There are numerous urban legends surrounding the name. One theory goes that this is the day on which shops sell enough to become profitable for the year: getting out of the red and into the black. Another states that it’s tied into the financial crisis of 1869, when the US gold market collapsed, although this was actually a different ‘Black Friday’.

The real origin seems to be the Philadelphia police force, who were so fed up with the “irksome problem” of traffic jams caused by shoppers they christened the day “Black Friday”. Retailers always hated the name, wanting to swap it for the more positive ‘Big Friday’, but it stuck.

What is the difference between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day?

Cyber Monday was invented as an online analogue of Black Friday. The Monday after Thanksgiving, online retailers slash their prices, much as traditional shops do on Black Friday. Boxing Day is when British shops traditionally start their new year’s sales. Yes, Christmas is now so commercialised it has spawned three separate shopping holidays.

Where are the best Black Friday deals?


Between 8am and 9pm, Amazon is launching a new deal every 10 minutes. Eventually there will be more than 3,000 offers but stocks are limited.


The supermarket’s deals aren’t online, meaning you will have to brave the crowds in store.

John Lewis

As well as their own discounts, John Lewis promises to match other shops’ Black Friday offers as part of their ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ motto.


Tesco is cutting prices by up to 70% on certain products, including electrical and toys.

Have there been any stories about panic in the aisles?

You bet there have! The BBC have reported various violent clashes throughout the UK click here to find out more.


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Top 5 TV’s To Buy This Christmas

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Thinking of splashing out on a new TV for Christmas 2014?  Perhaps you are considering buying one for your loved?  Or maybe you just want to treat yourself so you can enjoy all the festive programs lined up for Christmas this year?

Whatever your reasons, buying a new TV is a reasonably large purchase and so you should do a little research before you rush in and splash the cash.

With thanks to our friends at, we compiled a list of the best 5 TVs to suit all budgets.


1. Best Small TV

Sony KDL-32W706B

RRP £350.00

Rated 5 stars

Sony is a brand leader in the TV arena, so you know you are buying quality.  This 32 inch TV offers a rich refined picture for a good price.  Offering a Full HD panel, this Sony certainly delivers.  The picture offers impressive definition and balance. This mid-tier television also offers an eyecatching design and a plenty of accessories to go with it.

2. Best TV under £500

Sony KDL-40W605B

Best 40-46in TV, Awards 2014

RRP £450      5 stars

“Buying smaller TVs no longer means losing out when it comes to features, as this wallet-friendly 40in Sony LCD (£450) has all the smart capabilities of a higher-end model, and offers a decent picture and user-friendly interface to boot”

And so says the Whathifi review. We agree that this Sony model offers an excellent array of features as well as a top quality picture for a very competitive price.

3. Best TV under £1000

Samsung UE48H6400

RRP £700  5 stars

This Samsung 48 inch TV, offers a great amount of features for well under the £1000 mark. It looks great and includes a full -suite of catch-up TV series, internet radio and HDMI inputs to cater for HD resources.

It offers a clear cut picture, with rich and punchy colour.  This model is a definite winner for any living room, as it’s size and clarity of definition is makes it a good family size TV.

Despite not being made by one of the bigger brands on the market, the television is undoubtedly head and shoulders above its competition.

4. Best TV under £2500

Samsung UE55HU7500

Best 52-60in TV

RRP £2300    5 stars

This rounded and verstile Tv offers a great picture performance across 4K, Full HD and standard definition.

4K is a new level of performance, offering ultra high definition. The edges are sharp and well defined and the picture is wonderfully crisp and very clear

Even better, this Samsung is fully equipped with HDMI 2.0 ports and the HEVC decoder needed to stream Netflix in 4K.

If you are looking for a 4k TV, this is the best one on the market for the money.

5. Best 3D TV

Sony KDL-55W905A

RRP £2400 

4 stars

Wow your friends and family with this fully immersive, out of screen 3D experience offered by this Sony TV.  You also get four pairs of active shutter glasses thrown in to enjoy the wonderfully crsip and sharp image.

Whathifi says:

“The ’55W905A is stunningly designed too and comes with a comprehensive suite of smart features, with the Sony Entertainment Network a good resource of music and video content. There’s no shortage of sockets either, with four HDMI inputs for all your high-def kit. Want to get behind 3D? This might be the one for you”

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How To Avoid Cowboy Aerial Installers!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

cowboyAs with so many different areas of installation, it is really important to choose a professional, qualified and experienced aerial installation company to assist you with all your installation needs.  Unfortunately, even our industry has fallen foul of some suspicious rogue traders who are happy to take your money, but may not be offering you a good service.

Often cowboy installers will target residents by cold-calling and offering unnecessary upgrades or charging exorbitant fees. In the event of the digital switchover, there was a large rise in the number of rogue traders offering their shoddy services to householders throughout the UK. Even though this event is well behind us now, some dishonest tricksters still try their luck.

A professional, competent and well established company like us at Aerials Direct, do not need to go knocking on peoples doors to find new business.  We have our own dedicated website, local advertisements, a strong social media presence and we come highly recommended by local TV retailers.  Always consider this if an individual should come to your door claiming to be from an installation company – if they are good and reliable, why is he knocking in doors?

If you do feel that the caller is genuine always ask to see his registration and ID.  Aerial contractors should be have ID from the RDI to ensure they are a “Registered Digital Installer” – this will have the easy identifiable digital tick on it. This means they are both approved and security checked and that they have the relevant qualifications and insurance.

Here are some things you should consider when using a contractor to help with your aerial installation needs:

1. Think carefully before agreeing to have work done by an aerial installer who calls without an appointment and fails to show identification.

2. Look for an aerial installer carrying the ‘digital tick’ logo first

3. If you can’t find one, look for a member of the recognised trade bodies (CAI or IDSC).

4. If you do decide to go for an alternative, ask family and friends to recommend installers with a good track record and get written quotations for the work from at least two contractors.

5. Before work starts, agree the price, payment arrangements and start/finish dates.

6. Never pay for work upfront.

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How Can Aerials Direct Help With Your Aerial Problems?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Aerials Direct are a family run aerial installation business based in Romford in Essex.   We provide all aspects of aerial and satellite installations, for domestic and commercial aerials.  Whether you’re looking to join the digital switchover or install Sky multi-room, we are happy to help.

Our engineers are committed to providing you with a bespoke service that gives you exactly what you want as our TV aerial installation engineers carry a broad range of TV aerials, to ensure they can meet your home viewing requirements. We also specialise in the installation of DAB digital radio aerials, and can fully install any digital aerial system in conjunction with a multi-room system, to provide your property complete access to any home entertainment system you have in place.

We’ve compiled some ideas of how you can check your home aerials, and common problems you may encounter.

wet weatherThe trouble with television signals is that they can get affected by almost anything as they fly through the ether from transmitters to your aerial. Generally speaking, TV signals travel in straight lines, so anything that gets in the way, may stop or degrade the signal.  The aerial on top of your house, must be able to “see” the transmitter, i.e. pick up the signal freely.  Bad weather is the most common reason for problems with your reception or loss of picture altogether.  Read on to discover how you can check for potential problems with your aerial. 

First of all, ensure that the aerial you have on your roof is of good quality.  Not all aerials are the same, and quality is key.

  • Always check that your aerial is placed at least 10 metres above ground level, this will generally mean that it is above the roof line.
  • Ensure that the down-lead is of good quality. The higher quality cable the better!
  • Consideration should be given to replacement (or at least an inspection) about every 10 years or so, including the aerial terminal block, which could have started to corrode.

There are other things you can check on as well:

  • It is usually a good thing if you can ask your neighbour(s) if they are getting the same problem that you are.
  • Are you getting the same problem on all the TVs in the house
  • are they using the same aerial?
  • Is the problem on all channels, or just one?
  • Is there a VCR/DVD in the aerial path to your TV
  • is that performing correctly?
  • Are you confident that the TV is tuned in correctly?

There are many problems that affect our TV pictures, these can include but are not limited to:

  • Ghosting
  • Noisy pictures
  • An aerial defect
  • The downlead: The transmission path
  • Distribution systems
  • Lack of picture/sound

Most of these problems will have an easy fix solution, but will need an experienced  professional installation engineer to come out and fix for you.  At Aerials Direct we offer a 7 days service in and around the Essex area.  Our digital aerials are all benchmarked and compliant to the CAI standards, and can be installed to improve the quality of reception for your home.

Aerials-Direct-VanAt Aerials Romford all installations are carried out by experienced aerial installers, and furthermore, backed by our 1 year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our service.

For more information about our services please contact us on 01708 347257 or click here to contact us by email.